Olivia Mixed Gemstone Bracelet

$ 105.00

Pearlygirls' Mixed Gemstone Triple Strand - A Symphony of Nature's Wonders

Highlight Features:

  • Spectacular Stone Ensemble: This exquisite piece brings together an enchanting medley of natural gemstones. Revel in the cooling shades of aquamarine, the earthy tones of African turquoise, the delicate blush of pink quartz, the vibrant allure of coral, the serene hues of apatite, the zesty glow of lemon jade, and the timeless charm of pearl. Each stone, handpicked for its color and character, converges in a harmonious dance of nature's beauty.

  • Triple Strand Design: Featuring three strands of these captivating gems, the design adds depth and multidimensionality, allowing each stone to showcase its individual beauty while collectively creating a magnificent visual impact.

  • Signature Sterling Silver Clasp: Anchoring this treasure trove of gemstones is the Pearlygirls exclusive sterling silver clasp. Not only does it securely hold the strands in place but it also elevates the piece's elegance with its lustrous finish.

  • Baroque Pearl Drop: As a finishing touch, a stunning 12mm baroque pearl drop gracefully dangles from the clasp. This pearl, with its unique form and radiant luster, further amplifies the necklace's charm and allure.

  • Elegant Presentation: To ensure it's kept with the reverence it deserves, the Mixed Gemstone Triple Strand comes nestled in the plush Pearlygirls velvet pouch, making it an ideal gift or a cherished addition to any jewelry aficionado's collection.

Celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature with Pearlygirls' Mixed Gemstone Triple Strand. A piece where every stone tells a story, and together they sing a song of elegance, making it a must-have for those who value the intricate dance of nature's artistry in their jewelry. Whether it's an evening gala or a daytime gathering, this necklace promises to be a conversation starter.