Wish, then hope.  This ring pearl bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry with the combination of the custom-designed sterling silver Pearly Girls signature clasp and Pearly Girls logo tag. Our secure clasp makes it easy to put the bracelet on by yourself. The pearl bracelet is 7.5” in length, hand-knotted and is strung on a silk/poly blend thread. Attached is a sterling silver charm with a bird soaring on the front and "wish" etched on the back

  • White freshwater, cultured pearls from the pearl farms of China.
  • Freshwater pearl bracelet strand is strung on a silk/poly blend thread and hand-knotted, 7.5” in length.
  • Includes a sterling silver custom designed signature clasp to hold charms.
  • Attached to the clasp is a sterling silver disc.
  • Includes a sterling silver Pearly Girls logo tag.

$ 124.00

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