Paige Gold-filled Necklace | Single Pearl & Minimalist Design | By Pearly Girls

$ 85.00

Discover the subtle charm of the Paige Gold-filled Necklace by Pearly Girls, a piece that epitomizes the beauty of minimalist design. Featuring a delicate gold-filled chain with a single near-round pearl, this necklace is an embodiment of understated elegance, perfect for both layering and solo wear.

Updated Description:

  • Dainty and Delicate: The Paige Necklace features a lightweight, gold-filled chain, exuding a delicate beauty that's both striking and understated. Its fine craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the chain to the pearl.
  • Adjustable Gold-Filled Chain: The necklace includes a 16 to 18-inch adjustable gold-filled chain, providing versatility and a customizable fit. This feature allows the necklace to suit various necklines and personal styles.
  • Single Freshwater Pearl: At the heart of the necklace is a single near-round pearl, measuring 4-5mm. This freshwater pearl adds a touch of classic elegance, making the necklace a timeless piece.
  • Gold-Filled Lobster Clasp: Ensuring security and ease of wear, the necklace is equipped with a gold-filled lobster clasp. This clasp not only complements the chain's aesthetic but also offers reliability and durability.
  • Simplicity as a Statement: The minimalist design of the Paige Necklace is its defining feature. Its simplicity allows it to stand out as a showstopper, perfect for those who appreciate the beauty in minimalism.
  • Versatility in Style: Ideal for layering with other necklaces or wearing on its own, this piece adapts seamlessly to different looks, from casual to formal. It's a versatile addition to any jewelry collection.

The Paige Gold-filled Necklace from Pearly Girls is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a celebration of refined simplicity and elegance. Whether you're looking for a subtle accent for everyday wear or a graceful addition to an evening ensemble, this necklace promises to be a beloved and versatile choice.