Hope Pearl Bracelet

$ 125.00

The Wishful Soar: A Tale of Pearls and Hopes.

Key Features:

  • Emblem of Hope: Experience the exquisite blend of art and sentiment with a sterling silver charm, featuring a bird in mid-flight on the front, symbolizing freedom and aspirations. Turn it over to find the word "wish" gracefully etched, a reminder to always chase your dreams.

  • Signature Elegance: Adorned with 8-9mm ring pearls, this bracelet exudes sophistication. Each pearl tells a tale of nature's marvel, making the bracelet a conversation starter.

  • Custom Craftsmanship: With the custom-designed sterling silver Pearly Girls signature clasp, the bracelet promises a secure fit. This unique feature, coupled with the Pearly Girls logo tag, lends an air of exclusivity to the piece.

  • Perfect Fit: At 7.5" in length and hand-knotted meticulously, the bracelet promises a snug, comfortable fit. Crafted with a silk/poly blend thread, it seamlessly marries durability with luxury.

  • Gift Ready: Every bracelet arrives in a plush Pearlygirls velvet pouch, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Wear your wishes on your wrist with this intricately designed pearl bracelet. A perfect mélange of grace and sentiment, it stands as a testament to all the wishes and hopes we hold dear.