Emily Pearl Necklace 18" & 21" | By Pearly Girls

$ 130.00


Introducing the Emily Pearl Necklace in both 18" and 21" lengths by Pearly Girls, a stunning freshwater pearl necklace that gracefully blends traditional elegance with contemporary flair. This necklace distinguishes itself with its unique texture and versatile style, capturing the modern essence of pearl jewelry.

Key Features:

7-8mm Freshwater Cultured Nugget Pearls: Central to the Emily Pearl Necklace are the 7-8mm freshwater cultured nugget pearls. Each pearl is unique, showcasing a natural texture and luster that adds depth and individuality to the necklace, embodying the timeless appeal of freshwater pearls.

Hand-Knotted on Silk/Poly Blend Thread: The pearls are delicately strung on a durable silk/poly blend thread, ensuring both longevity and elegance. The hand-knotting technique between each pearl not only fortifies the necklace but also accentuates its refined aesthetic.

Signature Sterling Silver Clasp: The necklace is secured with a custom-designed sterling silver clasp, adding an extra layer of sophistication. Its user-friendly design facilitates easy self-fastening, blending functionality with style.

Gold-Plated Reversible Coin Pendant: Featuring a striking gold-plated coin pendant with a matte finish and etched flower pattern, this necklace provides versatile styling options. 

Elegant Freshwater Pearl Drop: A graceful freshwater pearl drop complements the coin pendant, enhancing the necklace's femininity and elegance.

Sterling Silver Logo Tag: The inclusion of the Pearly Girls sterling silver logo tag at the clasp symbolizes authenticity and luxury, emphasizing the high quality of the necklace.

The Emily Pearl Necklace 21" is more than a mere accessory; it's a statement of style and sophistication, suitable for everyday elegance and special occasions. As a versatile piece in any jewelry collection, this pearl necklace by Pearly Girls offers an enduring beauty with a contemporary edge!