Green Ruby Pearl Bundle

$ 85.00

Indulge in the luxury and versatility that our thoughtfully curated bracelet bundle offers. An ensemble of materials, each piece tells its story, combining to create a rich tapestry of style that effortlessly elevates any outfit.

Exquisite Gemstone Presence
Experience the magnetic allure of a unique green ruby stone bracelet at the center of this collection. Revered for infusing energy, passion, and positivity, it imbues the wearer with a vibrant aura, making each moment feel intensely alive and filled with possibility.

Elegant Pearl and Gold Beads
Complementing the robust vitality of the green ruby, a strand of captivating pearls and glowing gold beads weave a tale of timeless elegance. This trio seamlessly unites, offering a "go-to" ensemble that perfectly harmonizes with various styles and occasions.

Stretchy Bracelets for a Perfect Ensemble
Each bracelet in this remarkable bundle boasts a stretchy design, ensuring not just a comfortable fit but also a delightful ease in mixing and matching. Experience the freedom to adorn your wrist with a single piece or create a lush, layered look with the entire set.

Signature Velvet Pouch
For an enhanced unboxing experience and to ensure the bracelets’ protection and longevity, the set arrives lovingly encased in a signature Pearly Girls velvet pouch. This touch of luxury underscores our commitment to offering an extraordinary jewelry experience.