Flat Coin Pearl Necklace

$ 125.00


Pearlygirls' Flat Coin Pearl Collection - Iridescent Elegance Redefined

Collection Highlights:

  • Majestic Flat Coin Pearls: At the center of this collection are the mesmerizing flat coin pearls. Cultured directly from the renowned pearl farms of China, they shimmer in their unique iridescent aura. Each pearl, sized between 12-13mm, captivates with its splendid color and unparalleled beauty.

  • Versatility in Length: Tailored to individual preferences, the collection offers a diverse range of lengths. Choose from elegant bracelets of 7.5" or 8", classic necklaces of 18" or 21", or make a grand statement with the opulent long strands measuring 34" or 40".

  • Meticulous Crafting: Every strand embodies meticulous craftsmanship. Strung on a durable poly/silk blend thread, each pearl is hand-knotted, ensuring they sit perfectly against the skin, emphasizing their natural allure.

  • Signature Sterling Silver Clasp: Elevating the design is Pearlygirls' own sterling silver signature clasp. This clasp doesn't just offer a secure fit but complements the pearls with its shimmering finish, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the pieces.

  • Exquisite Presentation: To maintain its sheen and ensure its protected storage, every piece from this collection is presented in the signature Pearlygirls velvet pouch. Perfect for gifting or as a treasured addition to one's jewelry collection.

With the Flat Coin Pearl Collection from Pearlygirls, one doesn't just wear a piece of jewelry; they adorn themselves with nature's poetry. These pearls, in their radiant splendor, are perfect for those moments when one seeks to blend timeless elegance with contemporary style. Be it a formal soirée or a day of sophisticated leisure, let these pearls be your chosen companion.