Veronica Turquoise Magnasite & Pearl Necklace | 36" Versatile Length | By Pearly Girls

$ 45.00

The Veronica Turquoise Magnasite and Pearl Necklace is a remarkable fusion of vibrant color and timeless elegance.

Updated Description:

  • Striking Turquoise Magnasite: Centered around the vivid hues of turquoise magnasite, this necklace is a vibrant statement piece. Each magnasite bead showcases a bold blue color, bringing a lively and energetic feel to the design.
  • Elegant Freshwater Pearls: Complementing the turquoise magnasite are lustrous freshwater pearls. These pearls add a classic, refined touch to the necklace, creating a beautiful contrast with the bright blue magnasite.
  • Silver Spacer Accents: Silver spacers are interspersed throughout the necklace, adding a sleek, modern element to the design. These spacers not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a harmonious link between the pearls and magnasite beads.
  • Versatile Length for Styling: At a generous 36" length, this necklace offers flexibility in styling. It can be worn long for a singular, striking impact or doubled for a layered, more intricate look.
  • Luxurious Velvet Pouch: Each Veronica necklace is carefully packaged in a Pearly Girls velvet bag, underscoring the brand's commitment to elegance and quality. The bag not only protects the necklace but also makes it a ready-to-give gift.

Ideal for those who love to make a statement with their accessories, the Veronica Turquoise Magnasite and Pearl Necklace is a testament to contemporary style meshed with classic beauty. Whether for a special occasion or as a standout piece in a daily ensemble, this necklace promises to be a versatile and cherished addition to your jewelry collection.