Ring pearl bracelet with emerald synthetic gemstone. This white freshwater cultured pearl bracelet is combined with a sterling silver tag and emerald gemstone (May birthstone) 14mm x 22mm.   This traditional pearl bracelet becomes a unique piece of jewelry with the combination of the custom-designed sterling silver Pearly Girls signature clasp and the 7-8mm nugget pearl. Our secure clasp makes it easy to put the bracelet on by yourself. The pearl bracelet is 7.5” in length, hand-knotted and is strung on a silk/poly blend thread. A sterling silver Pearly Girls logo tag is attached to the clasp.

  • White freshwater, cultured pearls from the pearl farms of China.
  • Freshwater pearl bracelet strand is strung on a silk/poly blend thread and hand-knotted, 7.5” in length.
  • Includes a sterling silver custom designed signature clasp to hold charms.
  • Attached to the clasp is an emerald and sterling silver tag 14mm x 22mm (all birth stones available)
  • Includes a sterling silver Pearly Girls logo tag.

$ 98.00

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