Sophie Gold Pearl Bracelet

$ 135.00

Matte Gold Cross & Pearl Bracelet


  1. Iconic Pearls: Celebrate timeless elegance with this bracelet featuring 7-8mm white freshwater cultured nugget pearls. Every pearl exudes a distinct charm, promising a classic touch to any outfit.

  2. Dual-faced Charm: The matte gold disc, adorning the bracelet, serves a dual purpose. One side elegantly presents a gold cross, while the other side boasts a subtly etched heart, offering versatility in styling.

  3. User-friendly Clasp: Our custom-designed sterling silver signature clasp is not only a testament to PearlyGirls' dedication to quality but also ensures that you can easily secure the bracelet without assistance.

  4. Hand-knotted Excellence: Meticulously strung on a silk/poly blend thread, this 7.5” bracelet ensures each pearl is hand-knotted, providing durability without compromising on aesthetics.

  5. Signature Assurance: To vouch for its authenticity and superior quality, a sterling silver PearlyGirls logo tag is seamlessly attached to the clasp.

Whether you're stepping out for an everyday errand or prepping for a special occasion, this bracelet promises to be your trusted companion, merging tradition with style. Encased in a luxurious PearlyGirls velvet pouch, it's a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.