Sophie gold bracelet

The matte gold cross on disc, with etched heart on reverse dangles from the 7-8mm nugget pearl bracelet. An everyday piece, the Pearly Girls bracelet has a custom-designed sterling silver signature clasp known for its ease in getting the bracelet on and off. The pearl bracelet is 7.5” in length, hand-knotted and is strung on a silk/poly blend thread. A sterling silver Pearly Girls logo tag is attached to the clasp.
  • White freshwater, cultured pearls.
  • Freshwater pearl braceletis strung on a silk/poly blend thread and hand-knotted, 7.5” in length.
  • Includes a sterling silver custom designed signature clasp to hold charms.
  • Attached to the clasp is a matte gold cross on disc.  
  • Includes a sterling silver Pearly Girls logo tag.