African Turquoise and Pearl Bracelet Bundle

$ 65.00

African Turquoise Bundle Stack Bracelets

Key Features:

  • Diverse Bead Composition: Enjoy a vibrant range of beads including:

    • African Turquoise (6mm): Known for its unique speckled patterns, African turquoise offers an earthy touch, bringing a hint of nature and timeless style to your wrist.

    • Red Coral (5mm): Bright and bold, the red coral beads infuse a fiery energy, perfect for making a colorful statement.

    • Pink Crystal (4mm): Delicate and dazzling, these pink crystals add a touch of shimmer and feminine charm to the mix.

    • Freshwater Pearl (6mm): These pearls introduce a classic elegance, providing a sophisticated balance to the more colorful beads.

  • Stretchy Bracelets: Designed for ease and comfort, these bracelets effortlessly fit various wrist sizes, making them ideal for quick accessorizing.

  • Versatility: Wear them stacked for a bold statement or individually to accentuate your outfit. The choice to mix and match allows for endless styling possibilities.

  • Velvet Pearly Girls Pouch: Every bundle comes in a plush Pearlygirls pouch, ensuring they’re not only stored safely but also presented in style.

Whether you're looking to elevate a casual outfit or add a touch of boho-chic to your ensemble, this African Turquoise bundle is your go-to accessory stack.