Amazonite and Pearl Earrings

$ 25.00

Pearlygirls' Amazonite & Pearl Earrings - The Allure of Ocean Tones

Earring Details:

  • Mystical Amazonite: These earrings capture the true spirit of the ocean. The Amazonite stones, renowned for their shades ranging from tranquil blues to soothing greens, stand as the centerpiece of this jewelry. Each stone is unique, ensuring no two earrings are precisely the same, offering an exclusive touch.

  • Elegance of Pearls: Complementing the alluring amazonite are freshwater pearls that dangle delicately. Known for their timeless appeal, these pearls enhance the oceanic vibe, embodying purity and sophistication.

  • Sterling Silver Hooks: To ensure utmost comfort and longevity, these earrings come with sterling silver fish hooks. Not only do they provide a secure fit, but their gleaming silver finish perfectly complements the amazonite and pearls.

  • Signature Presentation: Each pair is lovingly tucked into a Pearly Girls velvet pouch. This addition makes it perfect for gifting or simply for safekeeping your precious earrings.

  • Design Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from the sea, these earrings symbolize serenity, depth, and mystery. Whether you're adorning them at a beach event or a formal evening out, they promise to resonate with the nature lover in you.

Dive into a world of elegance and tranquility with Pearlygirls' Amazonite & Pearl Earrings. Perfect for those who cherish nature-inspired jewelry, these earrings promise a seamless blend of luxury and earthly charm.