Bo Mermaid pearl bracelet

$ 158.00

You'll feel a part of the sea with this exquisite 7.5" pearl bracelet and adorning mermaid charm.  The charm is sterling silver and about the size of a quarter.  Fanciful and beautiful all at the same time.  

Lovely Ring Pearls: The 7.5" bracelet features the distinctive allure of ring pearls. Known for their irregular shapes and radiant luster, each pearl has its own unique character, making every bracelet a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Hand-Strung with Precision: Meticulously strung on a durable poly/silk blend thread, each baroque pearl is secured with precision. This careful handcrafting not only ensures durability but also allows the pearls to sit comfortably and elegantly on your wrist.

Sterling Silver Clasp for Elegance: Complemented by a sterling silver clasp, the bracelet gains an added touch of sophistication. The clasp's gleam perfectly harmonizes with the luster of the pearls, completing the bracelet's exquisite appearance.

Versatile for All Occasions: Whether for a casual day, a professional setting, or a formal evening, this bracelet is the perfect accessory. It effortlessly balances simplicity with luxury, making it a versatile addition to any ensemble.