Cherry Quartz and Pearl Bracelet Bundle

$ 65.00

Pearlygirls' Cherry Quartz & Pearl Radiance - A Playful Stackable Medley

Jewelry Ensemble Breakdown:

  • Cherry Quartz Allure: The 8mm cherry quartz stretchy bracelet showcases vivacious pink hues, known to add a dash of playfulness and charm. Cherry quartz is celebrated for its captivating appearance, capturing the essence of delightful cherry blossoms.

  • Golden Elegance: Complementing the vibrancy of the gemstones is the 3mm gold-filled ball stretchy. This bracelet exudes understated elegance, bringing a touch of classic luxury to the ensemble.

  • Pearl's Timeless Luster: The 5mm potato pearl stretchy bracelet introduces the unmatched sheen and elegance of pearls. With their organic form, these pearls add a natural sophistication to the bundle.

  • Warmth of Yellow Jasper: A stretchy bracelet of yellow jasper brings in earthy tones and warmth, known to resonate with feelings of positivity and joy.

  • Stackable & Versatile: The brilliance of this bundle lies in its adaptability. Wear all bracelets in unison for a layered look, sport them individually for a minimalistic vibe, or pair them with other cherished bracelets from your collection for endless combinations.

Step out with the Pearlygirls' Cherry Quartz & Pearl Radiance, a true embodiment of colorful fun and whimsy. Each bracelet tells its own story, but together, they create a narrative of style, joy, and elegance. Whether it's an everyday affair or a special occasion, let this bundle be your go-to accessory choice.