Cherry Quartz and Pearl Bracelet Bundle | Vibrant Medley & Timeless Elegance | By Pearly Girls

$ 65.00


Introducing the Cherry Quartz and Pearl Bracelet Bundle by Pearly Girls, a captivating ensemble that combines playful charm with classic sophistication. This bundle is not just a set of bracelets; it's a versatile and stylish expression of personality and elegance.

Jewelry Ensemble Breakdown:

  • Cherry Quartz Allure: Featuring an 8mm cherry quartz stretchy bracelet, this piece dazzles with its vivid pink hues, reminiscent of cherry blossoms. Cherry quartz, known for its vibrant appearance, adds a playful yet elegant touch to the bundle.
  • Golden Elegance: The 3mm gold-filled ball stretchy bracelet in this collection offers a subtle yet luxurious element. Its understated elegance perfectly complements the vivid tones of the gemstones, akin to the classic beauty of pearl earrings.
  • Pearl's Timeless Luster: The 5mm potato pearl stretchy bracelet brings the iridescent charm of pearls to the ensemble. These pearls, with their organic shape, contribute a touch of natural sophistication, echoing the allure of a pearl necklace.
  • Warmth of Yellow Jasper: Adding earthy tones and warmth, the yellow jasper stretchy bracelet resonates with feelings of positivity and joy. Its natural hues offer a grounding contrast to the bundle's brighter elements.
  • Stackable & Versatile: The true beauty of this bundle lies in its versatility. Whether worn together for a layered statement, individually for a subtle accent, or mixed with other bracelets, these pieces offer endless styling possibilities.

The Cherry Quartz and Pearl Bracelet Bundle is a celebration of color, joy, and timeless elegance. Ideal for any occasion, from everyday wear to special events, this bundle promises to be a cherished addition to your accessory collection, embodying the spirit of both modern fashion and classic pearl jewelry.