Charlotte Pearl Bracelet

$ 120.00

Sapphire Elegance: Hannah's Freshwater Pearl Necklace.

Key Features:

  • Classic Sophistication: Immerse yourself in a world where freshwater ring pearls seamlessly meld with the iconic Pearly Girls signature, offering an exquisite combination of tradition and modernity.

  • Stellar Sapphire Accent: Elevate your ensemble with the sterling silver and sapphire charm that hangs gracefully from the clasp, introducing a pop of color and luxury.

  • Signature Styling: The necklace not only boasts the stunning pearls and charm but is also accentuated with the Pearly Girls clasp and tag – a mark of authentic craftsmanship and brand lineage.

  • Rectangle Tag Elegance: Inspired by our beloved "Hannah", the smart-looking rectangle tag adds a contemporary touch to the classic pearl aesthetic.

  • Perfect Packaging: Ensuring your treasured piece remains pristine, the necklace is delivered in a plush velvet Pearlygirls pouch.

From casual brunches to candlelit dinners, this necklace is tailored for every occasion, delivering a dash of elegance wherever you go. Experience the mesmerizing world of pearls and sapphires, where timeless charm meets modern flair.