Coral Gems and Pearl Earrings | Moonstone Accent & Artisan Craftsmanship | By Pearly Girls

$ 90.00

Discover the charm of nature and artisanal beauty with the Coral Gems and Pearl Earrings by Pearly Girls. These earrings are a stunning representation of nature's splendor and expert craftsmanship, perfect for any jewelry enthusiast.

Updated Description:

  • Coral Flower Design: The earrings feature intricately crafted coral flowers, radiating a delicate charm that evokes images of sun-kissed blooming petals. This design adds a vibrant and organic touch, reminiscent of the natural beauty found in pearl jewelry.
  • Moonstone Center: At the heart of each coral flower is a luminous moonstone. This gemstone offers a gentle shimmer, adding a layer of mystique and elegance to the earrings.
  • Freshwater Pearl Drop: Each earring is adorned with a dangling freshwater pearl, enhancing the design with added elegance and fluidity. The pearls bring the classic allure of pearl earrings, creating a harmonious blend with the coral flowers.
  • Sterling Silver Wire Hooks: Crafted with durability and comfort in mind, the sterling silver wire hooks provide a secure fit. Their gleaming finish complements the overall aesthetics of the earrings, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Optimal Length: Measuring 1 1/2 inches from top to bottom, these earrings strike a perfect balance between being noticeable and subtly elegant.
  • Exclusive Online Offer: Available exclusively online, these earrings offer a unique opportunity to add a rare and enchanting piece to your jewelry collection.

Embrace the fusion of coral vibrancy, moonstone allure, and the timeless beauty of pearls with these Coral Gems and Pearl Earrings. Whether for a special event or as an everyday accessory, these earrings promise to add a touch of elegance and wonder to any ensemble, showcasing the perfect harmony of nature and artisanal craftsmanship.