Caroline Double Strand Bracelet | Baroque Pearl & Marcasite Accent | By Pearly Girls

$ 160.00

Reimagine classic elegance with the Caroline Double Strand Bracelet, an exquisite piece that elevates the traditional pearl bracelet to new heights. This bracelet is not merely an accessory; it's a celebration of timeless sophistication and artisanal beauty.


  • Type: A captivating double strand baroque freshwater pearl bracelet, designed to make a statement.
  • Pearl Size: Each bracelet features prominently sized 10-11mm pearls, offering a bold yet refined aesthetic.
  • Design: The double strand arrangement, coupled with the lustrous charm of baroque pearls, creates a visually stunning piece. This design mirrors the allure of a classic pearl necklace, infusing both traditional and modern elements.
  • Accent: Enhancing its elegance is a pearl and marcasite drop, gracefully attached to the signature sterling silver clasp. This accent echoes the intricate beauty found in mother of pearl designs.
  • Style: This bracelet embodies timeless elegance, showcasing a rich lustrous glow akin to that of high-quality pearl earrings.
  • Packaging: Presented in a signature Pearly Girls velvet pouch, this bracelet is perfect for gifting or as a treasured addition to your personal collection.

The Caroline Double Strand Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a tribute to the enduring beauty of pearls, resonating with the sophistication and grace of pearl necklace designs. It’s an ideal choice for those who cherish the elegance of pearl earrings and the unique charm of mother of pearl craftsmanship.