Emily Pearl Bracelet | Freshwater Nugget Pearls & Reversible Coin Pendant | By Pearly Girls

$ 110.00


Introducing the Emily Pearl Bracelet by Pearly Girls, a harmonious union of nature's elegance and artistic craftsmanship. This bracelet isn't just an accessory; it's a delicate statement of grace and sophistication.

Updated Description:

  • Pearls: This bracelet features 7-8mm white freshwater, cultured nugget pearls. Each pearl radiates a gentle luminescence, bringing a touch of serene elegance reminiscent of the classic beauty found in pearl earrings.
  • Bracelet Length: At 7.5 inches, the bracelet is hand-knotted on a silk/poly blend thread, offering both durability and a graceful drape. This length is perfect for a comfortable, secure fit on most wrists.
  • Signature Clasp: The bracelet is secured with a custom-designed sterling silver clasp by Pearly Girls. This clasp not only ensures security but also adds ease of wear, mirroring the thoughtful design often seen in luxury pearl jewelry.
  • Pendant: A key feature is the reversible sterling silver disc pendant (15mm), beautifully etched with a flower pattern on both sides and accentuated by a freshwater pearl drop. This pendant adds an artistic and whimsical touch to the bracelet.
  • Branding: Accompanied by a sterling silver Pearly Girls logo tag, this bracelet is authenticated as a genuine piece from the Pearly Girls collection.
  • Versatile Elegance: Perfect for elevating any ensemble, this bracelet blends traditional pearl charm with a touch of whimsy, suitable for various occasions and styles.

The Emily Pearl Bracelet from Pearly Girls is a testament to the beauty of combining traditional elements with contemporary design. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a bracelet that not only accentuates elegance but also adds a unique, artistic touch to their jewelry collection.