Hannah Bracelet

$ 135.00


Dive into a realm of elegance and impeccable craftsmanship with this breathtaking bracelet that is a harmonious marriage of tradition and modern sophistication. Every feature of this bracelet is carefully curated to create a piece that tells a story of luxury, authenticity, and artisanal excellence.

Luxurious Freshwater Ring Pearls
Savor the brilliance of 8-9mm freshwater ring pearls, sourced directly from the revered pearl farms of China. These pearls captivate with their unique 'ringed' appearance, bringing a delightful touch of individuality while maintaining a strong connection to traditional pearl elegance.

Exclusive Sterling Silver Pearl Tag
Adding a flourish of sophistication is an exclusive round sterling silver disc pendant, elegantly complemented with a pearl center mount. This thoughtful inclusion elevates the bracelet’s charm, making it a distinctive piece in any jewelry collection.

Artisan Hand-Knotting
Experience the meticulous attention to detail with each pearl being artfully hand-knotted on a silk/poly blend thread. This artisan technique ensures a bracelet that is as durable as it is beautiful, reflecting a commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship.

Signature Sterling Silver Clasp
The bracelet features a custom-designed Pearly Girls sterling silver clasp. More than just a functional component, the clasp embodies a sense of class and elegance, ensuring that the bracelet is securely fastened and effortlessly wearable.

Authenticity Assured
With the hallmark sterling silver Pearly Girls logo tag adorning it, the bracelet’s authenticity and premium quality are assured. This detail stands as a testament to the bracelet's place within a lineage of fine, carefully crafted jewelry.

This bracelet is not merely an accessory; it is a symphony of thoughtful design and luxurious elements. Perfect as a gift that speaks of sentiment and timeless beauty, this bracelet is a treasure that makes every moment it graces uniquely memorable. Whether worn during special occasions or as a statement of everyday elegance, this piece stands as a timeless testament to luxury and style.