Grace Pearl Necklace | Freshwater Ring Pearls & Sterling Silver Cross | By Pearly Girls

$ 170.00

Introducing the Grace Pearl Necklace by Pearly Girls, a magnificent fusion of elegance and faith. This necklace is not just an accessory; it's a beautifully crafted piece that embodies subtlety, simplicity, and timeless charm.

Updated Description:

  • Intricate Design: This necklace features an 18-inch strand of freshwater ring pearls, culminating in a stunning sterling silver cross. The cross's meticulous details enhance its luster, making it a cherished piece of jewelry.
  • Central Pearl Highlight: At the heart of the cross lies a bezeled freshwater round pearl. Its radiant glow creates a striking contrast against the sterling silver, establishing it as the necklace's focal point, reminiscent of the classic allure found in pearl jewelry.
  • Statement, yet Subtle: While serving as a statement piece, this necklace's design is inherently subtle and simple. It offers the versatility needed for everyday wear, while also possessing the elegance suitable for special occasions.
  • Clean Lines: The necklace boasts a seamless design with clean lines and intricate craftsmanship. It represents the harmonious blend of the timeless appeal of pearls with the strength and shine of sterling silver, similar to the sophistication of pearl necklaces.
  • Pearly Girls Velvet Pouch: Each Grace Pearl Necklace comes carefully tucked inside a luxurious velvet Pearly Girls pouch. This packaging not only protects your necklace but also adds an extra layer of luxury to your purchase.
  • Elegant and Meaningful: The Freshwater Ring Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver Cross is a celebration of elegance, faith, and style. Whether as a gift or a personal treasure, it's a meaningful piece that resonates with beauty and grace.

Embrace the elegance and faith embodied in the Grace Pearl Necklace by Pearly Girls. This piece is a testament to the beauty and grace of combining traditional pearl elegance with contemporary design, perfect for those who cherish sophisticated and meaningful jewelry.