Mabel Pearl Necklace

$ 145.00

Embrace timeless elegance with our 18” Freshwater Cultured Ring Pearl Necklace, a piece destined to be your daily style companion. This classic 9-10mm strand of ring pearls provides a captivating luster, with an attached pendant that will catch a nearby eye. Although simple in its design, the vivid red-orange Turkish stone makes this a striking statement.

With the incorporation of the sterling silver Pearly Girls signature clasp and the unique shape of the ring pearl, this necklace stands out as a distinctive jewel in any collection. Our thoughtfully designed clasp ensures ease of wear, while the hand-knotting on a silk/poly blend thread emphasizes durability and finesse.


  • Type: 18” Ring Pearl Necklace.
  • Pearl Size: Substantial 9-10mm freshwater, cultured pearls.
  • Design: Hand-knotted on a silk/poly blend thread.
  • Clasp: Custom-designed sterling silver signature clasp, ensuring secure wear.
  • Accents: Orange-red Turkish stone pendant trimmed sterling silver attached to the clasp.
  • Logo: Sterling silver Pearly Girls tag for brand authenticity.