Orange Agate and Pearl Bracelet Bundle

$ 65.00

Lemon Jade & Agate Pearl Stack Bracelets


Sunny Lemon Jade: Adorned with radiant 10mm lemon jade beads, this bracelet is a burst of vibrant energy. Known for its aesthetic beauty and subtle energies, the lemon jade adds a touch of zest to your ensemble.

Warm Orange Agate: The 8mm orange agate beads bring a warm and inviting touch to the stack. This gemstone, renowned for its balance and harmony, complements the other elements of the bracelet with its vivid hue.

Lustrous Potato Pearls: Classic and timeless, the 5mm potato pearls introduce a touch of elegance. Their unique shape and lustrous finish make them a stunning addition to the stack.

Gold-Filled Accent: The 3mm gold-filled ball serves as a glistening midpoint, enhancing the overall elegance and richness of the bracelet bundle.

Stretchy & Comfortable: Crafted to provide the best fit, each bracelet in this stack is made with a stretchy design ensuring ease of wear and comfort throughout the day.

Bundled for Brilliance: Worn together, these bracelets make a lively statement. However, their individual charm also allows them to stand out when worn separately. Layer them for a chic, colorful vibe or wear one at a time for a subtle hint of elegance.

Brighten Your Day: A bracelet stack designed not just to complement your attire, but also to bring a dash of joy and brightness to your day. With its vibrant colors and charming beads, it's a perfect accessory to uplift your spirit.

Celebrate the beauty of color and timeless elegance with the "Lemon Jade & Agate Pearl Stack Bracelets". Whether you're heading to a brunch, a meeting, or simply taking a walk in the park, these bracelets promise to be your cheerful companions. Wear the Pearlygirls touch with pride and elegance.