Samantha Pearl Necklace

$ 135.00

Elegant Fusion: Pearl Necklace with Mother of Pearl Pendant


  • Timeless Allure: Embarking on a journey where the eternal charm of pearls meets the ethereal beauty of Mother of Pearl, this necklace is an embodiment of elegance. The sheer luminance of the freshwater ring pearls paired with the iridescence of the pendant creates an entrancing spectacle.

  • Lustrous Freshwater Ring Pearls: The necklace is adorned with exquisite white freshwater ring pearls, measuring 18", capturing the pure essence of the ocean's depths. These pearls, with their unique 'ringed' appearance, provide a touch of individuality to traditional pearl jewelry.

  • Signature Sterling Silver Clasp: Enhancing the necklace's sophistication is our signature sterling silver clasp, meticulously designed not just for secure fastening but also as a statement of refined craftsmanship.

  • Mother of Pearl Pendant: As the centerpiece, the tear-drop shaped Mother of Pearl pendant, edged gracefully in gold, emanates an otherworldly glow. It's a fusion where the calm of the pearl meets the mystique of the Mother of Pearl.

  • Gift-Ready Packaging: Each necklace is lovingly presented in a Pearly Girls pouch, making it a perfect gift-ready option for special occasions or simply as a token of love and appreciation.

Celebrate life's beautiful moments with this intricately designed necklace. It's not just an accessory; it's a testament to elegance, love, and timeless beauty.