Jess Turquoise and Pearl Necklace (Short)

$ 95.00


Bespoke Elegance: Short Turquoise and Pearl Necklace with Gold Accents.

Key Features:

  • Charming Composition: Impeccably designed, this necklace beautifully intersperses 3mm tubular turquoise beads with occasional freshwater pearls, creating a symphony of aquatic colors and iridescent charm.

  • Gold Highlights: The added gold spacers not only enhance the necklace's structure but provide a touch of opulence, elevating the overall look.

  • Adjustable Length: Fitted with a gold adjustable chain, this necklace offers versatility in wear, adaptable from 16-18 inches. Its clasp ensures security while exuding elegance.

  • Supple Storage: Each necklace arrives in a velvet Pearlygirls pouch, ensuring it's stored with the same luxury with which it's worn.

  • Variety in Length: Catering to individual style preferences, this design is also available in a 32-inch version, offering flexibility in choice.

Meticulously crafted, this Turquoise and Pearl necklace is an epitome of elegance and refinement. The necklace, with its beautiful turquoise beads punctuated by iridescent freshwater pearls and accented with gold, promises to be more than just an accessory – it's an embodiment of timeless beauty and sophistication. Perfect for those seeking a versatile piece with a touch of luxury.