Willa Pearl Necklace | Festive Elegance with Mother of Pearl Pendant | By Pearly Girls

$ 195.00

Celebrate Festive Sophistication with the Willa Pearl Necklace | Timeless Freshwater Pearls and Mother of Pearl Charm | By Pearly Girls

Introducing the Willa Pearl Necklace, a luminescent creation in our pearl necklace collection that perfectly captures the holiday spirit with its elegant design and sophisticated charm.

Luxurious Freshwater Ring Pearls: The necklace features 18 inches of freshwater ring pearls, each radiating a soft, lustrous glow. These pearls embody classic beauty, providing a graceful backdrop that harmoniously complements the necklace's unique pendant.

Ethereal Square-Shaped Mother of Pearl Pendant: At the heart of the necklace is a splendid square-shaped mother of pearl pendant. Its ethereal sheen reflects light beautifully, creating a symphony of natural elegance. Encased in sterling silver, the pendant becomes a mesmerizing focal point.

Exquisite Sterling Silver Finish: Enhancing the necklace's sophistication is a sterling silver finish, which not only complements the mother of pearl pendant but also adds a timeless charm to the overall design. This harmonious blend of silver with pearls creates a visual melody of elegance.

Signature Clasp and Pearly Girls Logo Tag: Equipped with our signature clasp and adorned with the Pearly Girls logo tag, the necklace demonstrates meticulous attention to detail. Each element contributes to both the aesthetic and functional appeal of this exquisite piece.

Holiday Luster and Elegance: More than just an accessory, the Willa Pearl Necklace is a celebration of holiday elegance. It's designed to illuminate your festive season with its luster, standing as a testament to holiday sophistication and charm.

Embrace the Warmth of the Holiday Season: Let the Willa Pearl Necklace accompany you through the holidays, adding refined elegance to every occasion. Its blend of freshwater pearls and mother of pearl encapsulates the warmth and charm of the season, making every moment shimmer with an enchanting glow.